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Misty Morning Retrievers
King Offutt and his retriever "Sage" on her first real duck hunt in Louisiana in December 2011.
 She retrieved around 55 ducks on this trip.
Mark Bennet and his retriever "Ace" on a successful morning hunt in December 2011
Tim Seaman and "Dash" on a hunt in Indiana in December 2011.  He has retrieved more than 110 birds this
Bob Whitlow's retriever
HRCH Dutch's Twenty-One Gun Salute "Cannon"
on his first duck hunt of the season in Kentucky
November 3, 2012- and he is only 15 months old.
Great job, Cannon!
Joe McMullen's retriever
GRHRCH Duck's Down Duffy
McFly MH

on a hunt in Indiana
November 4, 2012