12396 Bethel Ridge Rd
Vevay, Indiana 47043
cell (937) 441-5451
Misty Morning Retrievers

Misty Morning Retrievers is located on over 47 acres in Southeast Indiana.  A new technical pond was constructed in the fall of 2006.
Construction of a new Wetlands was completed in the summer of 2009 to increase training opportunities for your retriever. We also
have access to hundreds of acres of training grounds in the surrounding area.  Your retriever will be transported safely in a  new
Mountain Top Dog Trailer and housed in kennels made of top quality Mills Fencing. A new kennel facility was  completed in 2009.  
The kennels are cleaned and sanitized daily.  While staying with us, your dog will be fed Eukanuba brand dog food.  If your dog
requires other food, you would just need to provide the food and we will gladly continue his feeding regimen.
Training Facilities