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Our Girls (from left to right)

3 X Grand Hunting Retriever Champion Casey's Misty Morning Kate
Grand Hunting Retriever Champion Bluegoose's Time to Fly  MH QAA
Grand Hunting Retriever Champion Misty Morning Dory
Grand Hunting Retriever Champion Misty Morning Daisy
Misty Morning Retrievers
About Us

I grew up in rural Ohio where some of my earliest memories involved hunting
and fishing with my Dad and brothers.  I began hunting waterfowl after Jane and
I married in 1990.  Hunting ducks in Central Ohio was more about spending
time with my Dad and brother than it was about the excitement of the hunt.  That
was until we went to the Megee Marsh Waterfowl Festival and saw a retriever
demonstration.  Watching the excitement and intensity in that retriever while he
watched the birds fall was amazing.  After he picked up the two marks, he ran a
40 yard blind retrieve.  A couple of whistles and hand signals later, he had
retrieved a third bird.  I was amazed!  From that moment on, I was hooked.  A
few months later, I bought my first lab that the kids named Bear and our lives
were forever changed.

Since then, dogs have been a big part of our lives. I enjoy training gun dogs as
well as running dogs in hunt tests and competitions.  I have trained numerous
Hunting Retriever Champions, gun dogs,  Grand Hunting Retriever Champions,
and Master Hunters

My biggest accomplishment to this point has been training and handling
GRHRCH Misty Morning Dory who belongs to my Dad. Aside from her hunt test
career, she has been a tough Super Retriever Series competitor.  She placed
eighth in Northfield, Minnesota in 2003, and sixth at Louden County, Virginia in
2005.  That year, we also finished eighth in the SportDog Team of the Year.  
She has had a phenomenal career and I am very proud to have been part of it.
We believe that basic obedience is the cornerstone of all training that follows.  The retriever must first learn and understand what is expected of
them.  The best way to do this is to simplify and teach.  We then reinforce these skills by repetition, followed by introductions to different
environments. To bring out their natural marking ability, we teach them how to fight factors.  We  make it hard to get to the bird and easy to find it
once they are there.  This leads to high self-confidence with that "never-quit" mentality in your retriever.