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Misty Morning Retrievers
Services We Provide
We are a full-service kennel, dedicated to helping you achieve your goals for you and your retriever.  Whether you desire a hunting
companion that will be the envy of all your hunting buddies or a retriever to hunt test and compete with, Misty Morning Retrievers is
here to help.  I personally train your dog through every step.  This allows me to tailor the training to your retriever's personality,
strengths and needs.  Positive training methods are utilized and attitude is closely monitored to make sure your retriever never
loses his love to hunt!

Our programs include both  Basic and Advanced Training Programs that will prepare your dog for whatever you need.

Basic training is a 3- 4 month program.  All retriever training is built on
sound obedience.  During this period, we will emphasize basic obedience
and teach the retriever the conditioned retrieve. Once these skills are
understood by your retriever, we will then collar condition him.  Our
philosophy is that the e-collar is an excellent tool when used to reinforce a
previously taught command. However, when it is improperly or over used,
the result is an unenthusiastic retriever who is afraid to make mistakes.

These lessons typically take 3 months, but will vary with each dog.  The
remainder of the program is spent exposing the retriever to as many hunting
scenarios as possible i.e. hunting out of a boat,  from a duck blind and off
of a dog stand.  We introduce them to field and floating decoys, lay-out
blinds, and gunfire.  By the end of this program your retriever is ready for
the field.

The advanced program is focused on teaching the retriever how to
handle blind retrieves through whistle and hand signals. This is
accomplished through a series of yard and field drills that will enable
him to understand how to take direction.  
During this time, we also continue to enhance their marking ability by
teaching them longer and more complex marking concepts.  This will
be useful in the field as well as the more advanced hunt test

Throughout all our training programs, we never lose focus on the
importance of maintaining a steady retriever.

At the end of the Basic program, you will have an obedient,
competent retriever that will be the envy of any waterfowler.

After completing the Advanced program, you will have the retriever
of a lifetime!

Retriever training is $600 per month.  This includes training sessions, boarding,  Taste of the Wild grain free brand  dog food,   
heartworm prevention, and flea and tick applications.

Your retrievers must be current on all vaccines including bordetella before joining us at Misty Morning Retrievers